「日本ではあまり見かけることのない純度の高い、本物のゴールドジュエリーをもっと身近なものに。」KAYO & COCO JEWELRYはそんな願いから誕生しました。




KAYO & COCO JEWELRY was born from a wish to deliver beautiful, unique, individual, high-quality, hand crafted gold jewelry that is rarely, if ever seen in Japan.

Gold symbolizes the energy of the sun on earth. We hope the jewelry and the energy it provides will be a special item that brightly lights up your days and brings you pleasure and happiness for years to come.

From Qatari peninsula facing the Persian Gulf in the Middle East and the world's richest country, we provide some of the highest quality gold jewelry, carefully selected for exceptional quality, design and craftsmanship.

We are confident you will love and appreciate the lengths we go to, to provide our customers with exquisite, unique pieces of jewelry, to be treasured for a lifetime.